Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Clay Creatures

3rd graders used their imagination and their knowledge of clay construction to build these clay creatures.  We started with a pinch pot shape and then added details using the additive technique (score and slip.)  

More Molas- 2nd grade

2nd graders learned that the subject matter of Molas is usually plants and animals.  2nd graders examined the layers of fabric that make up a Mola.  Students cut and glued paper in layers to mimic the style of original Molas.  They added line repetition and pattern as well as a frame.  

1st grade clay tiles

First graders learned about the art of clay tile making.  They used the additive technique to create a picture on a tile.  They could choose the picture that they wanted to make.  Some of them used their "old reliable schemas"  as the subject matter (hearts, smiley faces, etc).  Some took a more original approach.  Either way, they were all excited about the process and proud of their products.  We painted them with tempera paint (glaze gets so expensive!!)  and then I sprayed them with an enamel for shine.  

Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Guatemalans put worry dolls under the pillows of children to take their worrys away.  Kindergartners spoke about their own personal worries and made worry dolls.  We talked about whether or not worry dolls really work or not when it comes to taking away worries.  Some of them believed they would work for them!!!  So cute.  I glued the craft sticks together for them using Elmers glue-all.  They had to wrap in yarn and add the head.

Kinder Molas

We explore the art of the Kuna Indians in a few different grade levels.  Although the authentic process of making a Mola is quite complex, there is nothing wrong with simplifying the assignment to meet certain objectives.  Here, the objective was cutting a symmetrical shape and using line repetition to add detail.  

Matisse- Snow Flowers

Students learned about Henri Matisse's collage processes he used when he was an older man and could no longer paint.  On a beautiful snowy day, we made art inspired by his work "Snow Flowers."  

2nd Grade Rainsticks!

Second graders have spent a couple of weeks now (I see them every day)  on art of Central and South America.  Here, we learned about the Chilean Rainsticks that the Aztecs used to "summon the rain."  Students constructed rainsticks out of paper towel holders.  They put tin foil inside the paper towel roll to slow the flow of the beads inside. This  mimics the cacti needles that are punctured into the authentic rainsticks.   I let them "have at it" with all of my craft stuff.  They loved it!!!