Friday, February 15, 2013

Architecture drawings

3rd graders learned the term "architecture" as they examined buildings designed by architects all around the world.  They got to be their own architect and design their own building.  

Klimt Trees

Here is another project from our "Artists from different times and places" unit.  They examined Gustave Klimt's imaginative trees and created their own in the style of Klimt.   


1st graders are currently larning about different artists from different times and places.  Here, we examined Paul Klee's cityscape, specifically looking at how it is constructed of many geometric shapes.  
1st graders then collaged their own cityscapes.  


Here is more kinder art from our art of Africa unit.  I love using shapes to help teach the students how to draw and construct animals.  Here, they learned about giraffes and used only rectangles to build its shape and form..

Homemade instruments!

While studying the art of Africa, Kindergarteners made these instruments inspired by the sounds of the African Shekere.  We covered paper towel rolls (that I had been hoarding for way too long) with construction paper that we had colored.  Inside, we put rice and beads and sealed both ends with packaging tape.  The starch from the rice coated the sticky ends from the packaging tape!