Friday, December 7, 2012

Kindergartners drawing people!

We just switched trimesters.  This means that I have a new group of kinders that have never had art class before (it is rare that our population of students have attended preschool.)  I like to begin with some drawing exercises with them.  About half of them are in the pre-schematic drawing stage, but some have entered the schematic phase.  As a class, I like to have students look at their bodies as if they were shapes.  What shape would a head be?  a body? an arm? a hand?  leg?  Instead of only providing them with a formula, it is important that you encourage them to actually look at what they are drawing.  Encouraging this early on (and continuing to practice this through out the elementary grades)  is essential because this will hone their observational skills and ultimately successfully bring them through the stages of artistic development.  

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